Singapore in 24 Hours

Arriving in Style

When we got off the plane in Singapore, it was 6 a.m. We flew from Frankfurt, Germany into Singapore international airport. This airport was so impressive. The signs were easy to read and follow. There was a garden waiting for us to take the perfect selfie. Going through immigration was a bit annoying because of how slow the officers moved but it was safe to say we had arrived in a city that awaited our exploration.

Our first stop at the airport was the restroom. It was so clean and beautifully maintained. There were these cute little digital displays asking to rate your experience. Our first introduction to the beauty of being in  Asia was the squat stall. There were three (maybe more) western stalls and one stall that was a porcelain lined hole in the floor and what looked like a shower head hanging on the wall.

I closed the door quickly and went into the more familiar Western bathroom but then, I began to think, Asians might have the right idea. Although uncomfortable to an un-flexed physique, squat toilets are way more hygienic and environmentally friendly. Think about it for a second. You squat down, do your thing and then use a shower head to wash your areas clean. I know what you’re thinking, but the shower hose thingy gets dirty. Actually, it doesn’t because your hands never actually touch your body or its excrement’s. See?

Anyway, once we left the restrooms we headed towards immigration and then to the baggage hold area. We were on a connecting flight to Bali so Singapore Airlines held our bags but we still had carry-ons. it costs us a whopping $7 to hold our bags in the airport while we went exploring the city. That was definitely the one and only time we were shocked by the price of something Singapore.

SIN Changi Airport
Singapore for 24 hours

Singapore Ain’t Cheap

Before we go any further, I have to tell you, you go anywhere in South East Asia and $100 could last you a week (maybe), EXCEPT Singapore. This right here is your warning and reminder that the Singapore Dollar and US Dollar are 1:1. Yes, I did go to little India and get naan bread and butter chicken for $6. A chai tea for $3. Not too bad I guess… but to give you some perspective, I had a paper bag filled with fried chicken, a plate of fried noodles and a mango drink in Bali from a Warung for 20,000 IDRs (Just over $1 USD) 

It was enough food that the three of us ate. So yea, don’t expect to feel any richer in Singapore.

After taking in the beauty of the indoor/outdoor waterfall inside the airport, we headed to look for the train. We spoke to the train booth operator and she circled all the stops we needed, to get where we were going. The surprising part about Singapore is how small the country actually is. You can get almost anywhere by train and one of the friends we met while there, Dynamite, told us the projected plan is to have any location in Singapore be less than 10 minutes from a train stop. Pretty cool how accessible the whole country is. Once we got our tickets, we did the touristy thing of taking pics on the full train. The trains were absolutely pristine. I guarantee its because of the $500 fine for food and drinks. I saw the sign after I had taken a huge bite of garlic naan… oops.

I guess I broke two laws in Singapore according to this article. I had no idea, pictures also weren’t allowed on the train… jeesh! No complaints tho, I’d much rather a Singaporean subway than the ones in NYC.

Singapore for 24 hours
Singapore for 24 hours

We took the train to Little India and checked out a temple and a mosque.

Singapore for 24 hours
Singapore for 24 hours
Singapore for 24 hours

That green shirt I’m wearing is actually one I bought at the mall. It came with a matching short pants that I promise I will never wear. The set together was 20 Singapore dollars. I was so hot, I didn’t have many options. Would I have spent $2o bucks on that shirt in the U.S… that’s a big NOPE!

Singapore for 24 hours

Luckily we ran into a school group on a field trip, it seemed to be science based. We hung around for a bit hoping to absorb some knowledge along with the students.

I Wish...

My biggest regret while in Singapore, is not getting a chance to go to Gardens by the Bay at night. It is such a beautiful site, I can’t imagine how amazing it would have been with the absence of daylight. 

Please promise me when you go to Singapore, if you haven’t already, GO SEE the Gardens by the Bay at night. I will definitely be going back to spend 5 days in that beautiful tourist friendly city. 

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