Did You Know?

Your local library, (yes I said library) connects with apps like Libby and Overdrive to bring you audio and eBooks for FREE!

My go to when looking for a new book, is the library. Rarely does it happen, that I don’t find a book I’m looking for. Usually even if the audio or eBook does not exist, the hard copy is available within your library system. 

I plan my reading in advance. So in my beautiful planner, I go month by month and write out the book(s) I want to read that month. This way, since I know what I want to read, I just hop on the library website to see if my book is available. Sometimes, I have to put it on hold so it’s available when I need it. Other times, there are so many copies I won’t have to do anything in advance.

Reading is my favorite past time. Malachi has a 5 book a week reading goal and just between us, I read chapters/sections of whatever book I am currently reading, to him. I always wonder what his teacher must be thinking when she goes through his log. I figure, the goal is to instill a love for reading. The best way to get kids to read more, is for them to see parents who read.

While I read to him aloud, he points out his site words on the page. Naturally he is increasing his vocabulary.

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