Month: April 2018

Who: (From left) Danica, Lulu and Jowa

Duration: 10 Days

Stay: Hilton Bali, Nusa  Dua

Vacation in Bali

We flew from Newark, NJ to Denpasar, Bali Indonesia on Singapore Airlines. We loved Singapore Airlines, I will definitely be posting about our experience with them soon.

We purchased our tickets for $711.00 each and  intentionally chose the longer flight even tho it cost the same, because we wanted to spend a day in Singapore. If you’re curious about how we spent our day you can find out HERE. 

We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Bali resort in Nusa Dua. Although, they were under construction during our stay, I can’t imagine we missed out on much as far as amenities are concerned. The staff were absolutely amazing. 

It was just after 10pm when we arrived into the DPS airport. We got an overpriced taxi to our resort, which was about 30 minutes away. When we arrived, the staff seemed like they had been waiting on us. They had cold tea and refreshing towels available with bright smiles. We ran into an unexpected bank issue, for some odd reason, the bank would not authorize the charge for the resort. [insert facepalm]

Imagine being in a foreign country, 11pm at this point, with no access to our money. Right before panic ensued, the front desk employee told us not to worry, she would send our bags up to our room, so we can get some rest and we could deal with this in the morning. 

We were absolutely shocked they were going to allow us to enter the room with no form of payment. Our ocean view suite, greeted us with an elaborate platter of fresh fruit: Snake fruit, dragon fruit, mangoes, the sweetest apple to ever grow on this earth and guava. 

Needless to say, we slept like babies after 2 days of traveling. Of course by the next afternoon, all was resolved with the hotel and bank. 

Our total resort stay cost 14 million IDR aka $925 USD. That price included daily buffet breakfast.

What did we do?

First day, we went on ATV’s. The tour operators picked us up from our resort in a private van, and drove us about 2 hrs. away. It was so much fun and so beautiful, riding through the fields, rice patties, and of course the mud. After our 2 hour ride, we took quick showers in the clean facilities and sat down for lunch that was provided. The food was amazingly fresh. We ate peanut chicken, Nasi Goreng, shrimp chips; mie goreng with fried eggs, and some sort of beef on a stick. Our driver took us to a Balinese coffee farm afterward which was incredible to see. 

Teba Sari makes great Balinese coffee but the free tour they provide is really what makes this place an experience. When you walk in, it’s a beautiful garden with all types of exotic trees and plants. They grow so many different types of fruit and vegetables there. There’s an old woman who has been roasting coffee their her whole life, over 70 years. We met the luwak animal (kind of looks like a large rodent but genetically closer to a cat). He is responsible for the Kopi Luwak coffee which is basically, beans that have been consumed by the animal, pooped out and then roasted. Tasty right?

Cost: $38/person

Value: Totally freaking worth it.