Month: June & July 2019

Who: Danica & Mali (age 5) Georgette & Giuliano (age 6)

Duration: 6 weeks

Stay: Undecided


So while Georgette and I were talking about our normal, what should we do for Summer next year, the thought came up, why don’t we spend 6 weeks with the boys in another country. Mali is my son (as you probably know by now). Georgie’s sons’ name is Giuliano, he is 6. These boys are great friends and also God brothers. 

Hear me out, I priced camps for Mali this past summer and it would cost me, $165/ week. which means, we’re looking at just over $1600 for 10 weeks and because I know my son, Mali is still going to say, “mommy when are we going on vacation?” [Emphatic Eye roll] 

I guess $1600 bucks isn’t a crazy amount to spend BUT… why spend it on the same old same old, when we can do something different? Something that will take both us and the kids, completely out of their comfort zones.  So please stick with us. Come back here as often as possible as we make decisions on location, places to stay, must do’s, preparing the boys, etc. 

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