20 Ways You’re Teaching Your Child to Be Poor

20 Ways You're Teaching Your Child to Be poor

Have you ever sat back and analyzed your relationship with money? If so, did you think about how your relationship with money, influences your childs’ perception of money? I want to share with you twenty ways you may be teaching your child to be poor without even realizing it. Just so you know, while compiling …


10 Things You Can Do to Instill a Lifetime of Gratitude in Your Child

10 things you can do to instill a lifetime of gratitude in your child

This is going to sound like a cliche, but gratitude starts on a simple level. It is something we learn either consciously through applied, intentional learning, more often as an adult; Or, we learn it subconsciously, more often as a child, by the people in our lives. By the things we are exposed to repeatedly …


Here’s A Quick Way to Network Like A Pro

Message to My son If there is one lesson I leave my son with about this world, it’s that for the most part, every single person walks around every day thinking about one thing; themselves. The easiest way to connect with another human being is to remember that truth. They’re thinking about themselves and you’re …